5 Reasons Why Your Big Dog Needs A Big Borky Bed

Big Borky beds aren't just big. They're also engineered with dual-layer memory foam to provide exceptional comfort and support for big dogs.

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1. They're Supportive

Big Dogs are more likely to suffer from joint problems later in life.

Our beds have Dual-Layer Memory Foam for the extra comfort, and orthopaedic support to cushion Big Dog joints - Relieving existing joint pain, or preventing other joint problems in the future, such as arthritis or hip displasia.

Support Your Dog Needs

2. They're Durable

Our beds are made to support the weight and activity of Big Dogs, and can comfortably support 100kg. Enjoy our Never Flat Guarantee; We'll give your money back if your bed goes flat within 5 years.

We'll Never Go Flat

3. They're Cooling

(relax, the snowflakes aren't real)

Our upper layer of memory foam is infused with cooling gel particles; Making our beds less warm compared to traditional memory foam beds. Helps beat the heat in Singapore, letting your Big Dog stay comfortable for longer, on their Bed.

Beat The Heat

4. They're BIG (duh!)

We're the only homegrown company that makes beds large enough for your Big Dog (or 2 big-ish dogs) to stretch out on! Comfortably fits large breed dogs e.g, Great Danes, Rotties, Boxers, etc.

Big Dogs Deserve Big Beds

5. They're Easy to Clean

Big Dog shedding is no joke. Not only do our beds *NOT* trap fur; They come with easily removable and machine washable covers! Change your sheets after your dog's bath / grooming session to keep your home & dog ✨ fresh ✨

Save Time Cleaning Up