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Borky's Dog Ramp - Protects Joints & Prevents Jumping Injuries

Borky's Dog Ramp - Protects Joints & Prevents Jumping Injuries

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Borky's Dog ramp is designed to protect your dog's back and prevent jumping injuries! Fantastic preventative care for dogs that love jumping up your couch & bed.

Crafted with solid Finnish pine wood, our ramps are both sturdy & stylish. It's designed to be compact, to fit even in smaller HDBs!

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  • Vet-Approved

    "Non-Slip ramps are a fantastic way to allow your pet to safely access furniture at home as well as your car to avoid common injuries.

    In addition, the majority of pets over ten years old will also suffer from arthritis so providing safe alternatives to jumping up and down, can avoid worsening joint inflammation and pain which will improve quality of life."

    Dr Sarah Tompkins BVetmed MRCVS

  • Physio-Approved

    "Big Borky's Dog Ramps help reduce impact on joints when pets go up and down furniture.

    I also highly recommend Big Borky's ramp for my patients at home to be used for home exercises!"

    Karen Quek, Animal Physiotherapist (Gaia Wholistic)

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