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Anti-Anxiety Throw Blanket - Waterproof & Machine Washable

Anti-Anxiety Throw Blanket - Waterproof & Machine Washable

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Borky's Anti-Anxiety Throw Blanket keeps your dog calm, by emulating the feeling of a mother dog's comfort. It's water-resistant, and machine washable; Protecting your furniture from pet hair, dirt, scratches and accidents.



🐾 Anti-Anxiety with soft, faux fur that recreates the feeling of a mother's comfort & warmth

🐾 Protect Furniture from pet hair, dirt, spills, and scratches.

🐾 Water-Resistant Lining protects from accidents & drool

🐾 Machine Washable to easily keep your home fresh

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the blanket truly waterproof?
    Our blankets are water-resistant; Meaning they're good to protect against spills & accidents for a few hours. This is not a substitute for a pee pad.

    If our blankets were made of 100% waterproof material, they'd be super warm & stiff, and no fun for you or your furry friend.

  • My dog made an accident. How do I clean my blanket?
    Throw it in the wash! Do not bleach. For best effect of removing smells & dirt; Use Borky's Fabric Detergent
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